MLDS provides web presence services for personal and commercial uses.

  • Webhosting
    • Personal: Have family photos you want to share with distant family?
    • Commercial: Have a product or service?  Expand your reach to new customers at a low cost.
    • Non-Profit: Support a Non-Profit? MLDS provides special offers just for them.
  • Email Hosting
    • Want to have a professional address?  Make your company look serious online with a email address!
    • Don't like having to change your email address everytime you change your internet provider?  Get an email forwarding account!
  • Virtual Private Servers
    • Need an off-site Linux © server or backups?  MLDS uses the latest in VPS technology to give you your own server, at a fraction of the cost of a dedicated server!
    • Always wanted your own dedicated Linux © server but it was always priced beyond your budget?  Now you can afford it with a VPS from MLDS at much lower costs!
  • Fee Based Consulting
    • Cafe Wi-FI installations
    • Small Network configuration
    • Database Configuration
  • Other Subscription Services
    • MP3 Audio Streaming Servers
    • Server Collocation
    • Unix/Linux Login Environments
    • Podcast Hosting
MLDS uses only the latest technology to provide the best reliability and service.  Say "no" to the faceless big box web hosts (who take forever to update your site after they have you hooked) and get your website needs at MLDS!